Vida Cancellation Policy

Vida Cancellation Policy


Your appointments are scheduled in such a way to reflect your needs/ goals and frequency required to meet them.  We commit to your therapy as much as we ask for you to commit.  It is important to prioritise your therapy and attend your sessions.


In accordance with The Australian Psychological Society (APS), a full fee will be charged for any missed, cancelled or rescheduled appointments within 24 hours (excluding weekends).  A 50% fee will be charged for appointments missed, cancelled or rescheduled between 25 and 48 hours (excluding weekends). Cancellation fees are charged as this time has been set aside for you and cannot be filled at short notice.  In order to avoid these fees, please provide us as much notice as possible.


Our Admin team will offer the following alternatives:


Option 1: A telephone appointment at the time of your appointment.


Option 2: A video conference appointment at the time of your appointment.


Medicare may not deem such appointments eligible to claim a rebate.  Our Admin will inform you if this is the case.  Medicare does not rebate cancelled appointments as there has been no service received.


A cancellation fee will apply if neither of the above options are accepted.  These fees become due immediately and must be settled before future appointments can be scheduled.  In accordance with the Australian Psychological Society (APS), any future appointments already scheduled will be postponed until the account is settled as it is unethical for an organisation to allow clients to accrue debt.


Appointment Reminders


As a courtesy to you, we send you an email reminder for your appointments booked.  This may occur up to 3 days before your scheduled appointment.  However, this is a courtesy service only and should we experience staff shortages or technical difficulties this will not occur.  As such it remains your responsibility to attend appointments and the absence of an email reminder will not lead to cancellation fees being waived.


If two consecutive late cancellations or reschedules are made, Vida Psychology will require a full fee to be prepaid before future appointments.


At Vida Psychology, we take pride in committing to your therapy and supporting our clients work towards achieving general well-being.  If you are experiencing difficulties impacting continuing with therapy, please speak to your clinician or the Practice manager on 9328 3636 so we can work together in finding a viable solution to enable you achieve your therapy goals.