COVID-19 Survival Kit

COVID & Eating Disorders

Dr Rita McMarrow reveals why now more than ever it is important to keep up your GP visits

Home learning can mean different things: Child Psychologist reveals

At Vida we know people are finding the time we are living in stressful, especially parents looking after children. Melissa shares useful tips for parents to help them through this difficult time.

Remaining active and connected with free personal training classes

Being active is essential for our general well-being. For some it provides a way to not only be and stay fit, but also stay connected to others. Personal Trainer Mike reveals various ways to remain active non face to face while continuing to feel connected.

How Yoga can help

Yoga Instructor Lucy sheds light on the benefits of Yoga in improving not only our mental heath, but also physical health. She presents a quick and effective technique designed to soothe and achieve a calm state.

Struggling with home learning your children?

Primary school teacher shares tips to make it easier

Being a parent is hard enough at best of times. This has become even harder with home learning your children. Primary school teacher and a mother of two talk to parents and provides some very much needed advice. Pease share with other parents you think may be struggling.

Dr Sophie Beaumont talks to parents about Oral Health

Dr Beaumont talks about the importance of Oral health and general wellbeing, as well as sharing tips for parents and the Oral Health of their children.

What you need to know to increase your immunity by Anna Beaumont

Ergonomics in the Home Office: Getting the Setup Right

Working from home? 🏡 Playing with your desk set up? 💻Get it right, right now! After seeing patients who are working from home due to Covid -19, in terrible pain because this is unusual for them, I'm calling my own 'state of emergency' 🚨.Even if you think your desk setup is 'pretty good' please watch this and make the changes. The sooner we get it right, the sooner we can avoid long term or even 'acute' pain that maybe the desk has never caused before. SO! Here's the break down. 💺 get yourself comfortable with hips above knees (tilting to the floor)- no need for a foot rest unless you're too short. In this case use it as a 'new floor' to your feet are flat on the ground 💻adjust screen or laptop so screen height it at eye height or ever so slightly lower💪don't worry for a second about elbows being at 90 degrees! They need a slight, easy bend in them⌨️using a laptop? Get a keyboard and mouse and set all of this up like a desktop! 🖥️multiple screens? Oh heck, it gets tricky! Set up like an 'auditorium' with your most used screen mostly in front of you. Are you wanting to get it right but this is all too confusing? 😕❓ Comment 'ERGO' below and we'll help you get it right, RIGHT NOW!

Posted by OsteoBalance on Monday, 20 April 2020

COVID-19 & Your Mental Health

COVID-19 & Your Children