1. Are your practitioners qualified?

Yes, Vida Psychology only employs practitioners who have full registration with their respective professional organisations.  We also employ Provisional Psychologists who need one more year of practice to receive their full registration.  Our psychologists are recognised by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), Private Health funds and Medicare.

2. Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

No, However, all Australian residents are eligible to claim Psychological services through Medicare. To access the Medicare rebate, your General Practitioner, Psychiatrist or Pediatrician needs to complete a Mental Health Treatment Plan prior to referring you.

3. Can I be seen if a third party is paying for me?

No, Vida Psychology does not see clients from third parties.

4. Do you bulk bill?

No.  We are a private practice and as such don’t offer bulk billing counselling.

5. How do I get a mental health care plan?

Your local GP/ family doctor can provide you with a mental health care plan. This can be faxed to us or  you can then bring to your initial consultation to receive the Medicare rebate.

6. How can I get in touch with you?

7. How long is a session?

A standard session at Vida Psychology will last for approximately 51 minutes.

8. What is the difference between matching and regular session?

The matching session will be your initial consultation at Vida Psychology where one of our trained psychologists will meet with you and discuss the reasons you are seeking psychological help. This is an opportunity to understand what you are looking for in a Psychologist besides expertise such as therapeutic modality, therapeutic approach, being directive and the like.

9. How many sessions will I need?

Everyone will go through their own unique journey where each individual will be assessed differently depending on their specific needs and goals.


At Vida Psychology, we offer short-term, medium and long-term therapy depending on the nature and complexity of people’s presentations.


Following this, they will recommend the best psychologist for you to work with. At Vida Psychology we have many psychologists who specialise in different areas, therefore the matching session is a great way to see who can best address your therapeutic needs and who you will be the best fit for you.

10. Do any of your psychologists speak a language other than English?

Yes, we have psychologists that offer sessions in Spanish, Turkish, Urdu, Hindi, French and Dutch (Our Psychologists).

11. Can I change psychologists if I feel like they are not the right fit for me?

Yes, we want you to be completely comfortable with your psychologist and we understand that not everyone’s personalities will click. Although we do our best during our matching sessions to fit you with a psychologist, if you are unhappy it is better to find someone who you are comfortable and confident sharing your concerns with.


We understand it can be daunting to ask for a different psychologist, but we are here to ensure your needs are being met and as such are always happy to discuss alternative options for you. If speaking directly to the psychologist is too overwhelming you can always email reception at appointment@vidapsychology.com.au and they can help resolve your concerns.

12. Will my information be confidential?

At Vida Psychology, we care about your privacy and all of the information in your session will be confidential between you and your psychologist.

13. Do you offer telehealth?

Yes, all of our clinicians offer telehealth appointments.

At Vida Psychology we understand it is difficult to take the first step, so we have made it possible for you to make an initial appointment.  You can call us on 9328 3636 or book online.