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You feel nervous and on edge all the time and find it difficult to stop worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet and may never happen. Your thoughts are racing all the time.


If this sounds familiar, you may be experiencing Anxiety.


What is Anxiety?


Anxiety is a common and necessary warning response to what we perceive as danger.  However, if it becomes too intense, it can lead to feeling overwhelmed and can significantly impact on our everyday life.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), one in 4 Australians will experience Anxiety in their lifetime1. If left untreated it can become debilitating.  You are likely to become so drained and find it difficult to concentrate and often forget things.  It could affect how you interact with others and what you do as you are likely to constantly worry about what people think of you and at times resulting in becoming home bound.


At Vida Psychology we explore how anxiety is affecting your life and work with you to increase your confidence. Learning to relax and reduce over thinking are important in addressing your anxiety.


Don’t image what it’d be like to be relaxed and have a good night sleep worry free, make it a reality by calling one of our Specialised Psychologists now on 9328 3636.


There are various types of Anxiety Vida Psychology can help you with:



Developing The Right Treatment Plan for you


At Vida Psychology we understand Anxiety Disorders and know how you feel.  We take the time to listen how Anxiety impacts your life.  This empathic listening enables us to gain a deeper understanding of the origins of your anxiety, triggers, patterns and barriers keeping you stuck and making it worse.  This then assists us in developing a tailored treatment plan especially written for you.


If you think Anxiety is becoming overwhelming, call us today on 9328 3636


References: 1. Australian Bureau of Statistics.  (2008).  National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing:  Summary of Results, 2007.  Cat, no. (4329.0). Canberra: ABS.

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