Making the most of VCE

Always There To Care

Are and or your child worried about VCE? Does your child struggle with getting things done in time?


If you have answered ‘yes’ these questions, your child would benefit from attending our Making the most of VCE group


We know how important it is to get a great start early on.  Our Vida Psychologists are highly experienced in helping students make the most of VCE in a manner that is stress free as well as building self confidence with the year ahead.


Your child will:


  • Learn how to be confident in the work they do
  • Discover they can balance studies and a social life
  • Learn to make the most of their time
  • Coping skills- stress and anxiety management
  • And other necessary skills to see them through the VCE succesfully



Call 9328 3636 to reserve a place as they are limited and fill fast

Always There To Care