Strengthening your Relationship

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Secrets of Effective Communication: For Couples


  • Do you love your partner, but struggle to express what you feel?
  • Do your arguments seem to be a re-run of ground hog’s day: the same argument, about the same issue, playing out the same way, again and again?
  • Do you feel unheard, even when you talk for hours?
  • Do discussions devolve into fights?


This fun and interactive couples-based workshop aims to bridge the communication gaps that cause relationships to drift.


In the all day workshop you will:

  • Learn what gets in the way of communicating effectively & what you can do differently!
  • Discover how you can increase understanding and closeness
  • Learn quick and easy to use techniques that you’ll be able to use straight away


The Talking Relationships: Effective Communication workshop aims to provide understanding and teach practical and implementable skills in a safe and interactive environment.




LOCATION: Vida Clinic – North Melbourne



Always There To Care