Childhood Adjustment Disorder

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You have noticed your child wanting to spend more and more time alone and losing interest in friends.  Has your child been acting out, picking fights and maybe even missing school?  Does your child complain of aches and pains, nausea, vomiting and sleep difficulties? Is your child expressing feeling hopeless and become moody?


If this sounds familiar, it is likely your child has an Adjustment Disorder.


What is an Adjustment Disorder?


An adjustment disorder is a short-term emotional or behavioural reaction to a known stressful event or change in a child’s life that is considered maladaptive or an unhealthy. This reaction must occur within three months of the identified stressful change or event. Examples of events range from every day things such as the birth of a sibling and changing schools to things such as parents separating, losing a pet, death of a loved one, breaking up, physical assault and surviving a disaster, for instance.


Although in a lot of instances, adjustment disorders will resolve on their own within 6 months, if you notice, a marked impairment in your child’s life, you would benefit from seeing a Vida Psychologist.


If ignored and not treated, your child is likely to have long-standing effects and difficulties relating to peers and concentrating.  This affecting school performance and confidence. This in turn resulting in feeling generally overwhelmed and depressed.  This could result in using drugs in the hope they will help to cope with daily stress.  Eventually, children may engage in self-harming activities and even contemplate suicide.



With the help of Vida Psychology, early recognition and treatment will make it possible for children to learn strategies to cope with stress, lifestyle changes and most importantly they will learn to develop skills needed to process their emotions.


Don’t put it off and wait to see if your child gets better in time.  Better starts now with one call to see one of our Child and Adolescent Psychologists on 9328 3636.

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