Adjusting to Parents Separating

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Know how to make your next life transition a smooth one


Is your child feeling confused? Does your child withdraw from family and friends? Do you hear your child crying and see them hardly smiling? Does your child tend to self blame for the separation? Or, maybe your child seems fine, but refuses to share feelings with you?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions, your child may be needing specialised care to help adjusting to your separation.  It is not unusual for children to become withdrawn and reluctant to talk to you about their feelings for fear of upsetting you.  Your child may be feeling torn and struggle showing support to you for fear of this meaning betraying your ex-partner.


This is where a specialised Vida Psychologist can help you and your family.



Adjusting to changes can be difficult at best of times, but adjusting to a new way of life can often be puzzling and overwhelming.  It is hard for you as a parent to navigate through this new phase and feel on top of everything needing to happen.  For your child it can often be a very unsettling time and full of uncertainty.  This often resulting in becoming overwhelmed and feeling anxious and or depressed.


Although as a parent you would have generally have your children in mind when you decided to separate, it is not unusual to struggle with everything that it involves, including how to talk to and best support your children during and after a separation.


Our Vida Psychologists are highly trained in supporting children in their family during and after a separation.  We make sense of your separation and help you and your child feel settled and confident about the future.


Make this new life transition as smooth as possible for your child and yourself.  Call one of our highly experienced Psychologists on 9328 3636

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