Confidence Building

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Learn how to help your child be confident and manage the ups and downs of childhood


Your child hesitates and second guesses decisions all the time.  Standing up for themselves is a struggle and the need to wanting to please their peers is so present.


If this sounds familiar, it is likely your child would benefit from confidence building.


Why is confidence so important?


It is not unusual for children to seek their peers’ approval and wanting to be liked.  The problem is, if your child finds it not only difficult to speak their mind, but also stand up for themselves.  This can result in your child believing they are not deserving of respect from their peers and being walked all over, mocked or bullied.  This in turn will affect how they feel about themselves.  They may begin to miss out on opportunities as they believe they can’t do things as well as their peers.   This in turn can negatively affect their school performance.



Help us help your child make the most of their childhood experience and believe in being able to do and be anything they put their mind to.


At Vida Psychology our highly specialised Psychologists will make sense of your child’s lack of confidence and teach them to be confident and the best they can be.


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