Separation Anxiety

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Your child becomes so clingy, teary and terrified at the thought of you leaving and doing any activities without you is just out of the question.


If this sounds familiar, it is likely your child may be experiencing Separation Anxiety.


What is Separation Anxiety?


Developmentally it is expected for children to develop separation anxiety around 7-9 months of age and it can extend to the age of around 2 years of age.  Typically this separation anxiety eases as your child feels more secure in an environment without you, or develops more independence.  It is characterised by your child becoming extremely clingy, teary and fearful in response to being separated or in anticipation of being separated from you.   If you notice it starts to hold your child or you back from doing things, then it is likely your child is experiencing more than just your ‘typical separation anxiety’ and professional support would be extremely beneficial.


If untreated, your child’s separation anxiety is only likely to get worse: stomach aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, headaches, sleep difficulties, bed wetting, refusing to have sleep overs, going on school camps, and refusal to go anywhere without you are likely to become the norm.  This in turn is likely to significantly interfere with your child’s normal activities such as going to school, kinder or plays with other children.  This resulting in having a negative impact on your child’s self-esteem, general confidence, ability to make friends and general emotional well-being.


The good news is that separation anxiety is one of the most common reasons parents seek help from our Psychologists at Vida Psychology.


At Vida Psychology our highly specialised Psychologists will make sense of your child’s separation anxiety and teach you how to best support your child in becoming confident and secure in themselves when you are not around.



We believe in early intervention, education, support, and skills building to give children, adolescents and their families the very best start in life. Our Psychologists provide effective proven treatment for separation anxiety, school refusal and managing transitions to school.


Your child deserves to be confident.  Call us today on 9328 3636 to make an appointment.

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