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Pain has become a daily experience for you and it has begun to affect what you do.  Being able to do the things you used to do seem so impossible.  You feel so alone and misunderstood.


What is Chronic Pain?


Chronic pain refers to an unpleasant sensation that occurs in response to an injury or illness. Although the injury may have healed pain persists for at least 12 weeks.  This is a daily reality for about one in four Australians.


If untreated, chronic pain can result not only in physical suffering, but also loss of income, insomnia, reduced activity levels, social isolation, fear, anxiety and depression.  Stress, anger, fatigue, anxiety and depression can not only increase the levels of substances that amplify sensations of pain, but can also reduce the body’s ability to produce natural painkillers.  This then results in a vicious cycle of pain for the individual.


Chronic pain is something that affects not only the individuals themselves, but also their family and friends.



Our Vida Psychologists understand not two individuals will experience pain the same way.  We know how intimate the relationship between mind, body and chronic pain is. Understanding your pain and it’s triggers is a great start in assisting you in managing your pain.  We will help you address both the emotional and physical aspects of your pain.


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