Attachment Based Therapy

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Attachment Based Therapy is based on attachment theory. It looks at how your child bonds with you in order to feel safe and form connections with their world to promote independence, general well-being and a healthy functioning.


How safe your child feels to form and sustain healthy relationships as adults including intimate ones, is greatly influenced by those attachments made in early childhood.


Attachment Based Therapy teaches you not only what to look out in unhealthy attachment, but most importantly, what you can do to ensure your attachment with your child is a healthy one.



Learning how to develop a healthy attachment with your child will not only benefit the interactions you have now, but also the interactions and relationships your child has with others now and in the future.  This in turn results not only in a great sense of self-confidence, but also general positive well-being.


Our Vida Child and Adolescent Psychologists are highly specialised in Attachment Based Therapy. Call on 9328 3636 to arrange an appointment time.

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