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Worried About Your Child?


Is your child good at sharing, taking turns and making new friends? Does your child socialise well with other peers? Is your child a good listener and knows when to initiate conversation? Is your child confident and assertive and able to express feelings appropriately?  If you have answered ‘No’ to any of these, your child may be lacking social skills needed to succeed in life.


Studies have shown a clear link between social skills and children’s well being both emotionally and academically.   Those children who lack social skills are likely to be laughed at, picked on, talked about, excluded from activities and be bullied.  This in turn having a negative impact not only on the child’s well-being, but also their families.



Our highly specialised Vida Psychologists know how children’s self-esteem is negatively impacted by lacking social skills.  They use proven techniques to help children learn how to gain and develop skills needed for life.  The children we help at Vida Psychology learn how to empathise, listen to and communicate appropriately.  This in turn results in relating to their peers and their peers to them.  Their confidence improves and take more risks at making new friends.


If you put it off and believe your child will learn these skills as he/she grows, their much needed confidence in developing self-esteem is only likely to suffer.  This having a detrimental effect on his/ her general well-being.


Help your child discover the right tools to succeed in life.  Call one of our highly trained Psychologists on 9328 3636.

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