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How Vida Can Help You

Vida Psychology will give you the opportunity to explore and gain understanding of your circumstances and learn strategies to overcome and manage them. You will be actively involved in your therapy and will be invited to give feedback in a supportive, non-judgemental and friendly environment, empowering you with your treatment.

Your First Vida Appointment

This video explains what you can expect in your first appointment and answers some of the questions you may have.

Learn about some common issues in these videos:

Vida Cancellation Policy

View Vida’s Cancellation Policy here: Vida’s Cancellation Policy

APS Charter for Clients

View APS’s Charter for Clients here: APS Charter for Clients of APS Psychologists


View Frequently Asked Questions here: FAQ’s
At Vida Psychology we understand it is difficult to take the first step, so we have made it possible for you to make an initial appointment.
You can call us on 9328 3636