Tuning into Kids

Gain a clear understanding on how to help your child to be the best he/she can be


Tuning in to Kids: Emotionally Intelligent Parenting


Tuning in to Kids is a parent program that aims to help parents and kids with the often intimidating, usually interesting, and always challenging realm of child emotions.  Parents and children learn how to become emotionally intelligent.


Research has found children with higher emotional intelligence have greater success with making and keeping friends, have better concentration at school, are more able to calm down when upset or angry, have fewer behavioural problems and tend to have fewer childhood illnesses.



Without emotional intelligence, children have great difficulties making sense not only of their emotions, but also those of other children.  This in turn results in not being able to relate to others and others to them.  This unfortunately, negatively impacting on children’s confidence and ability to make friends.  In the long term, not only the social experiences, but also the academic and later the professional aspects of their life are also negatively impacted.


Our specialized Child and Adolescent Psychologists at Vida in delivering Tuning in to Kids programs will teach you and your child the skills of emotional intelligence, help your child understand, learn how to express and manage their emotions, teach your child to deal with the ups and downs of childhood, learn how to interact with others, communicate meaningfully with your child and help to prevent behavioural problems.


Tuning in to Kids runs for two and a half hours each session for six weeks.


Learn how to best prepare your child for life.  Start now by calling us on 9328 3636 to reserve a place or ask any questions about Tuning in to Kids.

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