Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated to honour and appreciate mothers and motherhood. It is typically observed on the second Sunday in May in more than 40 countries around the world. Mother’s Day is a day to show gratitude and appreciation for all that mothers do for their children and families. It is also a day to remember and honour those mothers who are no longer with us, and those that have adopted the role or identity of a mother in their chosen families.

It is also important to acknowledge that not all mothers are biologically female and to celebrate non-traditional mothers, such as single fathers, grandparents, or adoptive parents, or those who take on the role of a mother in our lives by providing care and support.

The modern-day celebration of Mother’s Day began in the United States in the early 20th century, when Anna Jarvis, a social activist, campaigned for a holiday to honour mothers after her own mother passed away. The first official Mother’s Day was celebrated in 1908, and it quickly gained popularity across the United States. Anna Jarvis has argued that people should appreciate their mothers on this day through handwritten letters expressing their gratitude, rather than buying gifts and pre-made cards. Below are some ways that you might like to consider when celebrating Mother’s Day this year that go beyond giving hallmark cards and gifts.

Show Gratitude and Appreciation: The most traditional way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to express gratitude and appreciation for those who we identify as mothers. This could be done by writing a letter, or telling your mother the way in which you appreciate her presence in your life and the ways she has helped you. It could also be as simple as writing a short heartfelt message or just spending quality time together doing something that is meaningful to them.

Celebrate the Mother-Child Relationship: Instead of just focusing on the role of the mother, celebrate the bond between mother and child. Organise a mother-child day where you spend the day doing activities that you both enjoy. It can be something as simple as cooking a meal together, going for a walk, or watching a movie.

Encourage Self-Care: Mothers often prioritise their family’s needs above their own, which can lead to burn out and stress. Encourage your mother to prioritise self-care by gifting her a spa day or taking care of her responsibilities, so she can have some time for herself.

Support Mothers in Need: Many mothers around the world struggle to provide for their families, access education and healthcare, and overcome societal barriers. Support organisations that help mothers in need, such as donating to a women’s shelter or sponsoring a child’s education.

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